Luxury is defined by attention to details.

People are the key to delivering this promise for every company. Therefore, it is important to provide the staff with clear guidelines and expectations in how to interact with customers.

Through the training by Spark, the staff will be able to learn and understand what luxury service is, how to deliver the attention-to-details service, how to go beyond guest expectations, building up an effective team as well as service recovery procedures.

This program covers the essential appearance, behaviour and communication that are required for luxury service. It is a tailor-made program for the hospitality industry. Our team will use their intensive hospitality experiences and integrate the luxury international standards into the training. Please contact us to learn more.

Professional Image and Service Essentials Program – Luxury Hospitality

Professional Grooming and Etiquette

  • Projecting a Professional Image
  • Make-up Demonstration and Make-up Techniques
  • Business Etiquette


  • Understanding your Role in Luxury Service
  • Creating WOW Service
  • Anticipating Guest Needs

Interpersonal Communication

  • Effective Communication Skill
  • Effective Guest Engagement
  • Understanding Team Diversity and Individual Team Members
  • Effective Complaint Handling / Service Recovery

* The program can be arranged by whole series or by individual module based on the clients’ needs.