Personal Image Power-Up Program

A new you in only 7 days!

Do you want to spark up your image? Do you want to stand out from others? Do you want to make your career successful? Research shows that 93% of first impressions are based on what people see and only 7% on what is said, so an image that matches with the profession is a key to success in many cases.

Our goal is to help individuals strengthen their personal presence in every setting and for every purpose whether it means how to dress for an interview, a promotion opportunity, or to simply feel confident and comfortable at social events. It is important to wear the right outfits, colours, styles and attitude to achieve your best look. In addition, it is essential to wear the right mind-set about your self-image because the way you see yourself will have a mirror effect on how others see you.

Spark Image Consultants empower you to look great, feel your best and increase self-confidence with our services. With proper grooming, wardrobe, accessories and body language, you will project your best image and unique personal style to create greater opportunities and improved relationships.