To define branding – image and service.

This training program is tailor-made for all luxury retail brands, which include fashion, jewellery, cosmetic, accessories and other retail sectors.

The objective of this program is to train front-line staff to gain better understanding on their customers by using effective image analysis tool to greatly impact on sales, revenue and company branding. The course is combined with image knowledge together with selling and luxury service techniques to provide all-rounded training.

We will train front-line staff to use simple but effective methods to analyse customers’ image and needs, including colour, body shape as well as design elements. After the training, all front-line staff are able to analyse a customer’s image within 3 minutes and then they will apply the mix and match techniques to recommend customers to choose the perfect clothing. This will help generate more revenue as well as to promote the company branding.

Professional Image and Service Essentials Program – Service Retails

Colour Analysis Training

  • Basic Colour Theory
  • Colour Analysis Process
  • Practicing Colour Analysis
  • Psychological Interpretation of Colour
  • Colour Mix and Match for Dressing

Image Style Training

  • Elements of Design: Lines, Scales, Patterns, Prints and Shapes
  • Introduction to Different Types of Body Shapes
  • Clothing Mix and Match Techniques
  • Menswear Styles and Dressing Techniques

Sales and Marketing

  • Upselling Skill
  • Creating WOW Service
  • Anticipating Guests’ Needs
  • Understand Your Company Brand

* The program can be arranged by whole series or by individual module based on the clients’ needs.